Quotes We own residential development land in Sarpy County. We attempted for two years to work with the county assessor for a reduction in value. AIVRAS felt there were and proved, negative influence on the value of the land that the county assessor was not taking into consideration. He was able to reduce our taxes by about $20,536. We also own property in Lowndes County, Columbus, Mississippi. For the last few years we could not get the County Assessor/Tax Collector to budge on the value of the property. AIVRAS got the value reduced from $2,045,690 to $366,790. That will save us about $36,526 in taxes. Ben, Rae Ellen, Sarah, Kris, Scott - US ASSESTS, ADAIR HOLDINGS 402-871-4006 Quotes

Quotes I own a body shop at 50th & Williams. AIVRAS reduced by valuation from $201,900 to $113,800. Our taxes went from $4,274 down to $2,431. Chris Hunke, CAR R US, 402-558-6393 Quotes

Quotes I own a couple of apartment buildings in Millard. My rental rate is lower than the market which keeps my turnover rate down. This was a factor the Douglas County Assessor was not taking into consideration. AIVRAS has reduced our property taxes by over $4,500 and we saw a refund of about $1,400. Darlene Cosgrove-Bohaty 402-895-5626 Quotes

Quotes We bought a 6.5 acre parcel to find out it was land locked and had been for 32 years. We contacted Monte Bowman with AIVRAS who took 45 days to acquire a permanent, annually, renewable easement from the railroad. We paid .29 cents per square foot and the easement brought the value up to .96 cents per square foot. Mr. Bowman was able to increase the value of the land $189,704. Quotes
Thomas & Susan Shockey
Land Owners

Quotes The Iowanna Motel was given to me as part of a settlement and when I got to the place it was falling apart and the city wanted to condemn it and shut it down. Monte Bowman of AIVRAS had the fire hazard timber cleared for free, found a developer to buy the property, increased the value of the property by $75,000, and saved me $17,000 on capital gains by arranging a 1031 exchange. Quotes
Cindy Peterson
Owner - Iowanna Corporation

Quotes When building my new bar, the construction was tied to leased equipment from a company in Des Moines, Iowa that went bankrupt. The contractors refused to finish the work and I tried during a bad economy and a Christmas holiday to get refinanced to no avail. Monte Bowman of AIVRAS got the contractors going again and secured a loan that saves me $72,000 over a six year period. Quotes
Henry Leitner - Ower - Rum Runner Lounge

Quotes AIVRAS reduced my property taxes $7,628.98. Quotes
Kenny D. Garris - Owner - Midwest Fence-Guardrail

Quotes AIVRAS reduced my taxes $5,288.76. Quotes
Donnie Schneckenberger
Leeward Investment Group 402-350-7713

Quotes AIVRAS reduced our taxes $990. Quotes
Kevin Nichols - Owner
Arbor Garage 402-342-5255

Quotes AIVRAS reduced our taxes $1,692. Quotes
Ed Hagarty - Owner
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